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What is ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is Applied Behavior Analysis. It is the use of scientifically proven principles of learning as well as motivation to effectively teach skills and reduce interfering behaviors. 

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How does ABA work?

ABA increases desirable skills by reinforcing the behaviors systematically.  Interfering behaviors are also addressed by studying what occurs before, during, and after the behavior and then creating an intervention to address the need. This results in a decrease in the targeted behaviors. 

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Who is ABA therapy for?

ABA therapy is a very effective therapy options for individuals with an Austism diagnosis. However that is not its only application. ABA has been used to treat behavioral issues such as smoking and weight problems, and has proven beneficial in organization management. Additionally, individuals with TBI, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and many others have benefited from ABA. 

Are all ABA programs the same?

No! Your child’s ABA program is designed specifically for them. A thorough evaluation is conducted in order to determine your child’s strengths, challenges, causes of behaviors, and motivators. This is all taken into consideration in conjunction with your family's needs and goals. Through this process, a personalized plan is created. 

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Who should be involved in therapy?

In order to ensure therapy is meaningful and socially valid, caregivers and other family should be involved in setting the goals for the ABA program. Furthermore, if possible, the child themselves should also be involved. It is a priority that the changes made will improve the lives of all involved. 

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Who should be involved in session?

During session, a Registered Behavior Technician will always be present. On a regular basis, a BCBA will be present to supervise. Whenever possible, caregivers and family members should be involved. This will ensure they understand how to continue teaching the child outside of session. Caregiver/family training will also be provided on a regular basis.

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